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Our Mission

Find Me 911 seeks to ensure that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) move forward quickly to establish a reasonable, measurable level of location accuracy for emergency calls made indoors, enabling first responders to locate emergency calls from wireless phones from all locations rapidly and efficiently.

About Find Me 911

A wide range of emergency responders, 911 dispatchers and others interested in helping first responders find people facing emergencies have joined together, determined to ensure that the 911 emergency location function works in today’s wireless age. Find me 911 is an effort supported by more than 195,000 individuals and many national and local organizations. The individuals and organizations represent a broad range of 911 operators and first responders – emergency medical services personnel, fire fighters and police – as well as members of the general public. They all recognize the critically important public safety need to ensure that 911 works in today’s wireless age.

Lives are at risk today.

Initial funding for the coalition was provided by True Position, a technology provider, whose technology currently works indoors.